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The 7 Tips to Get rid of Grass Stains.

There are everyday tasks that come up often.

This is the case with grass stains!

You never know how to wash clothes so they disappear.

We buy lots of expensive products that do not come to an end and, of course, they do not leave or leave traces.

  • 1. With rubbing alcohol
  • 2. With white vinegar
  • 3. With a potato
  • 4. With milk
  • 5. With washing up liquid
  • 6. With lemon
  • 7. With ammonia

Luckily, there are some simple grandma's tricks for getting rid of grass stains.

Here are 7 tried and true tips for removing grass stains.

1. With rubbing alcohol

For clothes not fragile , a trick is to dilute some methylated spirit in a little water, then dab the stain with a dishcloth or cloth that you dip in your mixture.

As a precaution, do not soak your laundry directly with this mixture.

After your "dab " delicate, put everything in the washing machine.

2. With white vinegar

You can proceed exactly the same way with white vinegar than with methylated spirits.

Still for non-fragile fabrics, don't do this on velvet or wool.

3. With a potato

The potato is magic:it removes grass stains without soaking or pre-washing. Find out how here.

4. With milk

I love this trick and use it often. I had already delivered it to you, with the following one, in this article.

Simply rub the stain with milk and leave to act for a few seconds before putting the laundry in the washing machine.

Milk also eliminates the need for long soaking or pre-washing which is expensive in water and electricity.

5. With washing up liquid

Don't have milk on hand? You can achieve the same result with dishwashing liquid. Simply rub the stain with dishwashing liquid.

This remedy, I find it particularly effective on jeans .

6. With lemon

On linen and cotton , I simply squeeze a lemon over the ugly patch of grass. I soak the fabric well, then I wash the garment by hand or in the washing machine, preferably with Marseille soap.

7. With ammonia

Here's a tip for more fragile fabrics .

Use only in extreme cases as ammonia may upset the ecological balance.

For your more delicate fabrics, use ammonia, especially on velvet, wool, satin and silk. Dilute the ammonia in water:half and half for satin and silk but 25% ammonia and 75% water for wool and velvet.

Gently rub the stains with a cloth soaked in your mixture and then wash the garment as usual.

There you go, now you know how to get rid of grass stains on clothes :-)