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A Bookseller's Tip for Removing Musty Smell from Books with Baking Soda.

Do your old books smell like moldy paper?

This often happens when left in a damp place.

Tiny mold fungi then grow.

It's unpleasant and above all very difficult to get rid of... Don't panic! No need to throw away your books.

Here is the effective trick that my bookseller gave me to eliminate these bad smells on the paper.

The trick is to use baking soda to make them disappear . Look, it's quite simple:

  • How to
  • Result
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How to

1. Put your books in a well-dry cupboard.

2. Pour baking soda into a cup.

3. Put the cup in the cupboard.

4. Close the closet doors securely.

5. Let the baking soda act for at least two weeks.


There you go, the musty smell of your old books is now gone :-)

Easy, economical and effective, right?

No more musty smell! It's still nicer that way, isn't it?

The baking soda absorbed bad odors and sanitized the paper. And mold hates very dry atmospheres.

Know that your bicarbonate is effective for 2 months. So you can leave your books in the cupboard for 2 months before changing the dish.

To prevent your books and papers from being damaged by mold, you can store them in plastic boxes like these.

Bonus tip

This trick works for all types of paper, but also for clothes that smell musty.

Yes, it happens when you store them in an attic or a cellar that is a little too humid.

And if your clothes have mold stains, use this trick to get them back.