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10 incredible uses for dental floss that no one knows about.

Everyone knows about dental floss.

I'm sure you have a box of these in your bathroom or even in your purse.

But did you know that flossing isn't just for cleaning between teeth and keeping your mouth healthy?

Indeed, this super strong yarn can be used for a lot of unexpected things!

Here are 10 dental floss uses you never knew . Watch:

  • 1. To hang and create
  • 2. To make beautiful slices
  • 3. To easily loosen food
  • 4. To knock out a tooth
  • 5. For sewing
  • 6. For the garden
  • 7. For fishing
  • 8. To fasten the pants
  • 9. To peel off photos
  • 10. To stay healthy
  • Your turn...

1. To hang and create

To hang objects, nothing better than dental floss! It's perfect for attaching decor, hanging pictures, making garlands and even creating unique bracelets.

2. To make beautiful slices

To easily slice hard-boiled eggs, cakes, cheeses, avocados and watermelons, use dental floss. And for a picnic, you don't even need to bring a knife! Check out the trick here.

3. To easily loosen food

If your pastries or puff pastries have stuck to the plate during cooking, there is no need to struggle to unstick them and cause disasters. Simply slide the dental floss between the plate and the cake and you're done. No more petit fours that look like lint.

4. To knock out a tooth

Does your toddler need a helping hand to knock out their loose tooth? Wrap the dental floss around the tooth and pull. And don't forget to call the Little Mouse!

5. For sewing

You don't have a thread to sew on a button or repair a tear in an emergency? Do not panic, grab your dental floss in your purse. Perfect for troubleshooting, or camping, when you don't have what you need on hand. Not only is it very strong, but it is also waterproof.

6. For the garden

Tie climbing plants, tomatoes or vines to a trellis with dental floss. It is super solid. As it is "mint flavored", it can help repel insects and pests.

7. For fishing

If you run out of fishing line, use dental floss instead. You won't even notice the difference and neither will the fish!

8. To fasten the pants

To prevent your pants from catching on the bike chain, use dental floss to secure the lower leg. Do the same when you go hiking to prevent ticks from getting into your clothes.

9. To peel off photos

Use dental floss to gently peel off photos stuck in an album, for example. Pass the thread between the photo and the page.

10. To stay healthy

Dental floss removes food residue between the teeth. This avoids infections, prevents gingivitis and periodontal disease. Good dental hygiene also prevents heart disease and of course, losing your teeth as you age.

Your turn...

Have you tried these tricks with dental floss? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!