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A new trend? Nice ideas for curtain rails!

Some people are so super creative! And that always makes me happy when someone has come up with something nice. That's how I came across Janine Frankes who had great ideas for making curtain rails. I asked her if I could use her idea for a blog, and I did! Inspired by her idea, I continued looking for ideas and tips to make something fun out of curtain rails.

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Fun ideas for curtain-rails

Good, that you don't just have to use a curtain track to hang curtains, I now know that. For example, you can also just hang a curtain track nicely on the wall and then hang decorations on it, as Janine has done here. Or you can hang a large painting on it, for example. Better than a dull white rail on your ceiling, isn't it? If you have nice ideas, opt for beautiful and special curtain rails, then it will become a real eye-catcher!

What did Janine use for these nice ideas and the curtain-rails?

The curtain rails themselves and the mounting brackets come from Ikea. But you can also find these types of rods, for example, at the Kwantum or the Leenbakker. The rings with clips in them are really an Ikea thing I believe. But of course you can also work with hooks that you hang around it.

This black rod stands out nicely against the wall and is also tough and industrial, personally I like that!

Combine that with the natural tones of wood, or rope and greenery of the plants and as far as I'm concerned you have an excellently successful idea. The Scottish Highlander poster is also fantastic, don't you think?

I don't know exactly where it comes from, but at you have a lot of choice! For inspiration and fun ideas for your curtain rails, don't forget to take a look at the Xenos, for example they have the above nice round hanging shelf for plants for a few euros.


Another idea I found to make from curtain rails is a clothes rack. You can of course make your wardrobe from curtain rails (or scaffolding tube), but you can also simply make a clothes rack for your bedroom. Looks very hip and takes up a lot less space than a whole closet. Maybe your clothes get a little dustier this way, but you can see at a glance what you have and can wear, that's the advantage.


Curtain rails are also ideal to use in your kitchen for all your kitchen accessories. Are you one of those people who likes to have everything at hand while cooking? Then the above idea is ideal! With these ideas for curtain rails you can not only go for the 'convenient', but of course also stylishly. Think of beautiful wooden ladles, or a nice rack that you hang here where you put some herbs.

What else can you make from curtain-rails?

Tip:would you like to follow the ideas of the curtain rails on the wall, but prefer a slightly less coarse material than Janine? Or do you prefer to work with a different color to add some warmth to your interior? Then use copper pipes instead of curtain rails to make such a suspension system!

Do you have some copper left? You can do a lot of fun with that! How about this design towel dryer, for example?

If you are looking for something other than curtain rails to use as curtain rails, you might be able to do something with the ideas below: