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Turn an engagement/wedding ring box into a Christmas ornament


Perfect for your first Christmas together

Turn your wedding ring box into a special handmade Christmas ornament, a beautiful keepsake of when you walked down the aisle and had your first married Christmas together.

Step 1

Gather your materials

Step 2

Print and create paper banner

Print the names and wedding date in a single straight line in a classic 12 point font. Cut the paper into a 1" strip and trim the triangles at the ends to make it a flag style.

Step 3

Dab Flag with craft glue

Dab a small amount of tacky glue on the edges of the paper strip and gently rub it with your finger to make it smooth and smooth.

Stage 4

Shine up

Sprinkle glitter along the edges of the paper strip, then let dry.

Step 5

Cut the tape

Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 18" long. Place the center of the ribbon along the bottom of the ring box.

Step 6

Place tape

Flip the ring box over and tape it over. Place the ribbon on the inside of the ring box opening and try to secure it to the inside with a small amount of tacky glue if needed.

Step 7

Security tape

Turn the ring box over and apply two small dots of tacky glue along the top edges of the ring box.

Step 8

Attach the tape to the sides of the box

Run the tape up the sides of the box and stick it to the glue. Wipe off excess glue.

Step 9

Add glitter banner and photo

Tie the ribbon at the top to create the hanging loop. Slide a wedding photo into the box and attach the strip of paper to the ring box with some tacky glue. Let dry.