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Clothing Makeover with Embellishments

Materials and tools:

garment to update
assorted fabric trims (bullion, fringe, tassel, embroidered ribbon, rick-rack, etc.)
straight pins
sewing machine or needle and thread
Fray Check


1. Lay garment out on a flat work surface. Starting with a thicker piece of brim at the bottom of the garment, pin the brim into position. Use a seam as a starting point and keep the cut as straight and flat as possible. Note: It takes about a yard of trim to go around an average skirt or dress.

2. Placing the border is simple:simply sew it in place, either by hand or with a sewing machine. Apply a few drops of Fray Check liquid to seal the edges.

3. Add as many trim rows and varieties as you like. Contrast colors to create patterns and designs with the embellishments.

Alternate: To apply embellishments to a bag, simply pin it into place with a slight overhang at the ends. Attach the edge to the bag with a strong fabric glue or hot glue designed for fabric. After the glue dries, trim off the excess and apply Fray Check to the ends.