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Mamagaritas virgin cocktail recipe for mom-to-be

Step 1

Squeeze Lemon And Lime

Measure the margarita mix into a measuring cup. For four drinks, our mix required one cup of mix. Hand squeeze the lemon and lime to extract as much juice as possible into a small cup. Watch for the seeds.

Step 2

Add ice and margarita mix

Fill blender about 3/4 full with ice. Then add the margarita mix.

Step 3

Add lemon and lime juice

Add lemon and lime juice to blender. Blend these three simple ingredients together until they become a nice, smooth consistency.

Stage 4

Pour into glasses

Pour the liquor into margarita glasses. For an added decorative touch, create little mixers out of wooden kebab sticks cut in half. Cut a small piece of wire, wrap it around and glue it to the end of the stick and then take your scissors and wiggle it around.