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Upcycle Thrift Store Covered In Paint


Are you planning a DIY wedding and looking for an alternative to renting disposable tableware or cutlery? Browse some garage sales or thrift stores for inexpensive cutlery, and don't be discouraged if they don't match. A little paint in a matching color scheme will have the whole set looking spectacular in no time.

Step 1

Collect paints

Based on your color scheme, buy spray paints. Be sure to pick up a can of primer and a can of lacquer, too.

Step 2

Painter's tape

First, wash cutlery to remove any grease or residue. Securely cover all cutlery eating surfaces with painter's tape. Make sure there are no gaps in the seams of the tape.

Step 3


Apply the primer in two light, even coats, then allow to dry completely.

Stage 4


Apply two coats of paint in light, even coats. Again, let dry completely. Once the paint is completely dry, remove the painter's tape.

Step 5


Cutlery gets a lot of scratches and dings, so be sure to add a top coat of clear coat to protect the paint.

Step 6

Set your table

Imagine that:cheap silver for chic weddings in no time.